Meet our stylists

Master stylists at the top of their craft, dedicated to serving the LGBTQA+ community. Our stylists are award winning and boundary pushing leaders in the community. We know you will benefit from their artistry and their humility.

Lore Keller (she/they)

Lore has been cutting and dying hair for over 10 years, starting in her mother's kitchen as a teenager in LA. She loves to push boundaries, but is happy to be your every-day barber, if all you need is a close shave and a warm towel. Lore also produces our monthly Drag-adocious Rex dinosaur drag party and acts as resident DJ.

Kip De Vegas (they/he)

Kip is your friendly neighborhood trendsetter. If you want to know what is next in queer hairstyles, ask Kip. Or watch what they do every day. Better yet book an appointment with them and participate in the #vibeshift. Kip lives for community jams and always shows up with spinach dip, whether or not they worked that day. Rain or shine.

Stef George (he/him)

Stef hails from NYC and brings a big city style to all his cuts. You will feel like you deserve a bespoke suit to go with your bespoke shave and trim. Don't worry femmes, Stef does not discriminate on length or gender when helping clients look their best.

Alef V.X. (all)

Alef defies definition and creates styles that do so as well. As our resident colorist, Alef will take you from beige to beautiful, from brown to around town, from grey to "Oh hai!" Alef runs our social media accounts, so if the are taking your picture (with consent, of course) be sure to SMILE!

Not just a salon

Products, parties, community support, and friends: Queer to Stay has something for you.

  • Drag-adocious Rex

    Other places have drag brunches, we have a drag party every month... and it is dinosaur themed. Don't ask why. Just grab your prehistoric heels, hunny, because it's happening.

  • Rainbow Bright Hair Care

    Take home some queer care for your hair. Rainbow Bright will leave your locks luscious and your shine fine. Locally sourced and nationally distributed.

  • Community Jams

    Let the queers come together! Weekly on Thursday nights, we shut down the salon chairs early, turn up the jams, and the community shows up for a low key dance party and potluck. All are welcome. (Warning: does not always stay "low key".)

  • What's Next?

    Queer to Stay is more than a salon, it's a community hub. Have an idea for how we could better serve you and the LGBTQA+ community? Please let us know.

Reserve our space for your next event

Queer to Stay is not only a hair salon, it's a community space. We are available for events on select weekends and evenings. Reach out below to contact our event coordinator and let us help you turn up in style.